Nightly news, 12 November 2010

Big news this week has of course been the release of our Silverlight Elements 2.0 control suite — and don’t miss the free book offer for all customers. Of course, we’ve also been busy keeping up with fixes and enhancements on our other products as well. Here’s what’s new in this week’s nightly builds.


  • We’ve made the “can’t synchronise external class references” designer warning a bit more restrained if you have a lot of classes derived from an external base.
  • Fix for a designer bug where if you selected an entity in the tree view, then hit Del in the filter box, it deleted the entity
  • Fix for an issue with soft delete and joins
  • Fix for an issue with discriminated inheritance and joins

WPF Elements

  • Added support for custom object creation in the property grid “new collection item” button
  • Added work hours customisation to the Scheduler control

These are all available now and you can get them from the usual places.

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