LightSpeed – now available in chartreuse

We like to think that LightSpeed keeps one step ahead of our friends at the Microsoft Entity Framework. Imagine, then, our horror when we learned that the EF folks are planning to eventually allow you to change the colours of your entities on the designer, possibly even before LightSpeed 7.0! “THIS WILL NOT STAND,” we cried!

We are therefore proud to announce full colour support for the LightSpeed designer, available right now in the nightly builds. Chartreuse, HotPink, DarkGoldenrod — all the classics are supported and many more. Just select your entity, hop on over to the Properties window and click the Shape Color setting for a range of groovy colours with which to pimp your model.

Obviously, this feature isn’t just about creating psychedelic patterns to amuse and horrify your co-workers. Colour can be a handy way to visually group or relate entities, especially when you’re zoomed out a long way. It’s hard to show on a simple model, but you can imagine colouring, say, customer-related entities one colour, payment-related entities another and session-related entities a third.

Which brings us to a question. You can already mark up entities with tags for filtering, which means the grouping info is already in the model. Would you like to be able to associate colours with tags? Inheritance hierarchies? Aggregates? If so, how would you like it to work — a command where you specify a pattern and a colour, and LightSpeed changes the colour of everything that matches the pattern? A command that says “flow this entity’s colour to other entities with the same tag”? A persistent map so that you can set up rules like “entities tagged ‘customer’ should automatically be coloured chartreuse”? Should we guess, based on existing colours, when you add a tag? We think colour is a really handy navigational device as long as it’s not overused, and we’d be keen to hear what would be most useful for you. Leave a comment or sing out in the forums!

And in the meantime, the latest colourful nightly is available for download — free edition from the downloads page, Professional edition from the store.

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