WPF Elements 4.0 beta is out now!

WPF Elements 4.0 beta is out!

The key focus for WPF Elements 4.0 was to include a high performance suite of charting controls to add to the existing 30+ controls. We delivered a fantastic range of charting controls for Silverlight in 2010 and had great feedback that developers wanted to see the same offered in WPF Elements.

Chart types included in WPF Elements 4.0

  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Pie
  • Doughnut
  • Bubble
  • Scatter
  • Spline
  • Spline area
  • Stacked bar
  • Stacked line
  • Stacked area
  • Stacked spline area

Of course new releases aren’t just about new controls – it’s also about improving the existing controls. We’ve added several new features to the scheduler, property grid, outlook bar and drop down edit box. New disabled visual states were added to the Office style themes as well. Bug fixes have been rolled up from the WPF Elements 3.0 nightly builds also.

This is on top of all the existing controls in the suite such as the WPF Property Grid, WPF Scheduler, Coverflow, Multicolumn TreeView and many many more.

Of course with the power of WPF you’re able to customise the look and feel of these charting controls (and in fact any control in WPF Elements) to suit your application’s design aesthetic. WPF Elements includes 5 themes to help you start out with a great look and feel.

Give it a test drive!

Currently all existing WPF Elements customers have access to the beta install bits from their account (You should see “WPF Elements 4.0 – Beta”). Betas are currently only available to customers however we expect to be shipping the final version very soon. If you’re not yet a customer but are working with WPF you should have a look at WPF Elements 3.


Here’s a taste of the charts that are included. They’re from the development team and include examples of custom styles. The screen shots are just a sample of what is possible and obviously don’t show off how fast and interactive the charts can be.

Custom WPF Chart Style with a stacked bar chart
A custom chart style for the stacked bar chart

WPF Bar chart with custom axis labels
Bar chart with custom axis labels

WPF Cylinder Chart
WPF cylinder chart in action

WPF bar chart with data dependant styles
WPF bar chart with data dependant styles – notice how the bars change colour depending on their value

WPF spline chart
WPF spline chart – smooth curves

WPF Stacked Area Chart
WPF stacked area charts

WPF Stacked Spline chart
Of course you can stack spline charts as well.

Logarithmic YAxis WPF chart
Axis scaling is possible, here we have a logarithmic Y axis scale

WPF Doughnut Chart
Doughnut charts – both delicious and useful for showing your data

WPF Pie Chart with partial display
The classic Pie Chart for WPF. Notice that partial pie rendering is possible, in this case one segment is not displayed.

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart
Data does not need to be displayed vertically. Many different options exist in all charts for controlling the display of the chart data.

We’d love your feedback

As with everything we do, we love to hear our users feedback. Either post a comment below or fire something into our WPF Elements forum.

4 Responses to “WPF Elements 4.0 beta is out now!”

  • You should make a SilverLight Scheduler because theres not one good one out there, theres a bunch of JavaScript solutions and they are all rubbish and I don’t like working with the one I have at the moment :(

  • Hi Philip,

    We already have a Silverlight Scheduler! :-)


    Hope that helps, thanks for the comment.

  • Can We draw 3D model Graphs using Mindscape elements?

  • Hello Sudhakar

    We don’t have any 3D charts, but you can create pseudo-3D styles for the bar chart.

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