Nightly news, 28 January 2011

Cripes! No nightly news since before Christmas? Here’s what’s new in the nightly builds since, er, about a month ago.


  • Fix for error when using child collection Query method if the foreign key was nullable
  • Designer fix for through associations across linked model file boundaries when using auto through entities
  • Added support for adding unique constraints when doing a create table or alter column in migrations
  • Added designer support for XML documentation on one-to-one associations
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate association names in CTI scenarios
  • Added support for LINQ Aggregate on traversals and columns from an associated entity
  • Updated SQL Server CE 4.0 provider to RTM version
  • Added LINQ support for String.Concat and the Visual Basic string concatenation operator
  • Designer support for named aggregates on entity value object members

And don’t forget that customers can now try the LightSpeed 4 beta in all its distributed awesomeness!

WPF Elements

  • Fixed some minor glitches in the OutlookBar when adding and removing selected items and tweaked selection logic
  • Added per-item visibility to the OutlookBar control
  • Improved pixel-level positioning in CoverFlow
  • Added option to close the DropDownDatePicker when the user selects a date
  • Fixed an issue where the MonthCalendar Today button did not appear correctly when using the generic theme

And don’t forget the WPF Elements 4 beta with cool new charting controls!

Silverlight Elements

  • New standard colour palettes for the colour picker controls
  • Fix for CoverFlow error on templated non-image and video content
  • Fixed an issue with CoverFlow not refreshing when the items source changed
  • Added left and right arrow keyboard navigation to CoverFlow

WPF Diagramming

  • Fixes and enhancements to connection point hit testing
  • Added support for limiting the diagram bounds

NHibernate Designer

  • Implemented a workaround for VS2010 SQL Server 2000 fail
  • Improvements to handling of databases where object names can be case-sensitive

You can get the latest nightlies from the downloads page (free versions) or the store (full versions).

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