Free Silverlight controls – yes, you heard right

I’m really pleased to announce that our free Silverlight controls now are live on the site and you can grab them here. We actually made these controls free when we released Silverlight Elements 2.0 last year but we didn’t make a big noise about it at the time – so now we are. We’d love to have all Silverlight developers grab these three controls and start using them in their applications. I’m sure you’ll see why developers love working with us.

So what’s in the box?

Coverflow is great for getting rid of a dreary old ListBox control. It’s fun, fast and very configurable. You can adjust the way the covers sit, their spacing and more with easy to use properties. But that’s not all of course, we’ll throw in the automatic reflections free of charge as well! So the next time your users want to be able to flip through data in style consider the free Silverlight Coverflow control.

Free Silverlight Coverflow

You can play with a demo of the Coverflow control here.

The book control is a beautiful way to present data to users in certain situations. Pictures don’t do justice to the Book control – it has full virtualisation to make sure your app stays performing well even with thousands of pages and then there’s the stunning smooth animations when users turn the page. The really great thing about this control though is the flexibility – you’re not limited to just text data or images. Want to put a hyperlink on? or a button? or a 3D spinning teapot? We’ve got your back.

Free Silverlight Book control

You can play with a demo of the Book control here.

Well this wee guy isn’t as sexy and alluring as the Book or Coverflow controls but he is handy in a lot more places. The expander is a great addition to your toolbox as it can be used to help declutter user interfaces by tucking away non-essential elements.

Free Silverlight Expander

You can play with a demo of the Expander control here.

And they’re all free!

We really hope you enjoy these free controls and that you’ll see the benefits of working with Mindscape controls. We’ve put in a lot of work so that you don’t have to. We hope you can wow your coworkers and customers. And if you really do put a 3D spinning teapot in your book — you’ll wow us too!

You can visit this special page to download the controls for yourself. We’d love it if you helped spread the good word and have some twitter buttons and facebook buttons for you on the page to help — thanks!

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  • Mindscape releases Free Silverlight controls…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout…

  • Should they work on Windows Phone, too?

  • Hi Martin,

    No they aren’t built for Windows Phone 7. We’ll have something to announce regarding WP7 soon.

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