WPF Elements 4.0 is here!

We’re pleased to announce the availability of WPF Elements 4.0, the latest version of our suite of controls and components for Windows Presentation Foundation.

Beautiful data visualisation with WPF Elements charts

The big news in WPF Elements 4 is a gorgeous set of charting controls. Silverlight users have been enjoying these for a while and now they’re available for its big brother too. Take a look at some of the cool charts you can now create:

And there’s more examples here!

Packed with controlly goodness

Of course, WPF Elements is also stuffed to the brim with other controls for business and media applications, including:

  • Scheduler (Outlook-style calendar)
  • Property grid
  • CoverFlow animated list control
  • Dual progress bar and slider controls
  • Numeric and currency text boxes
  • Date and time pickers
  • Colour pickers
  • And many more!

WPF Elements 4.0 includes enhancements to many of these controls, such as new recurrence and work hour options in the Scheduler and item-level visibility control in the OutlookBar.

Get it now

WPF Elements 4.0 is available for download now. You can get the free trial edition from the Downloads page or purchase it from the store. And if you’re a current user of WPF Elements, it’s a free upgrade — grab it from the store now!

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