Mindscape Phone Elements released!

Windows Phone 7 Controls with Phone Elements

I’m really pleased to announce the world’s first comprehensive suite of Windows Phone 7 controls is now available! We’ve got some great controls in the box that will really make delivering Windows Phone 7 applications a lot easier. This post covers some of the controls and what they can do however we will be posting more over the coming weeks about specific controls as there is simply too much to cover in one post. We also have a great offer for the next two weeks on how to get a free license for yourself.


We have put considerable effort into performance tuning the controls on the phone. There’s been a lot of talk about the performance of WP7 applications not being as good as it could be and we wanted to make sure our users don’t suffer from that. Jason has been buried in his profiler digging around finding places that we could improve performance — you’ll get the benefits of the countless hours of performance tuning that has been done.


We raised the bar by incorporating a first class charting suite into our WPF Elements and Silverlight Elements suites. Many vendors expect you to buy a charting suite as separate product but we wanted to maximise the value to the end user instead. We’ve done the same with Phone Elements by porting over the full charting suite from the existing control suites. This means our charts don’t just look great but there’s amazing smooth panning, the ability to handle millions of data points and zooming all built in. Pictures don’t do this justice – it’s a great experience just flicking around the charts in your hand.

Here’s one of the 14 different chart types included in the box:

Windows Phone 7 Charts

Everything you’d expect

Of course on top of charting we’ve included the foundational controls that are so important when building a great user experience. There’s date pickers, time pickers, a gesture library, color pickers, infinitely scrolling list boxes — the list goes on. We’ve worked hard to make sure they all work the way you would expect with the Windows Phone so that you can deliver a natural experience really quickly.

Windows Phone 7 Listbox

And, as always with Mindscape products…

  • Our software is alive – we’ll be posting nightly builds and you’ll get new features, controls and enhancements every day
  • We don’t ship bloat – download the trial and you’ll get just the Phone Elements install. We don’t sucker punch you with a multi-hundred mega byte download of everything we build. You’ll get just what you want.
  • Only the controls you need – Why ship a “window” control for a phone when it doesn’t fit with that paradigm? We don’t add controls that only exist to build our control count. We build controls you’ll actually use, even if it means our control count is less than others. We’d rather build great controls you’ll use and love.

Our offer launch offer
As you know, we always offer a special deal when we launch a new product. We love getting the initial feedback from people so here goes.

  • Tweet this link using the button below
  • Follow @MindscapeHQ on twitter
  • Post a comment below telling us what control you’d like to see for Windows Phone 7
  • Do all of these and we’ll give you a free license! Valued at $299 USD! We will email you at the email address you use for your comment below.

Also, if you have a blog, post a review of Phone Elements and we’ll happily provide some free licenses for you to give away to your readers. Just email me and I’ll help you out.

We’re really excited to see what you build with this offering and would love to hear back when you deploy and application using Mindscape Phone Elements!

How to get hold of Phone Elements

Happy coding!

62 Responses to “Mindscape Phone Elements released!”

  • I would like to see a Tabcontrol (only 1-3 tabs would be enough) that fits the metro ui. Using only pivots is often a huge waste of space.

  • I’d like something like the Performance Progress Bar and a better performing list box.

    Martin aka @Hades32

  • I would like to see a set of Page Transition controls.

  • I would like to see a pull to refresh like on ios and a tap to go to top.

  • Would love to see controls to ease the construction of cross platform apps across WP7, MonoTouch etc. Would also love a free license!

  • Hi My comment never got published ? I would like to see something like a CoverFlow Control in your suite. I would love to have a free license!

  • Oops – forgot to mention my twitter name – @arowin :)

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  • A timeline control would be very useful.

    Thank you!

  • Hi would like to see very light listbox control that can handle loading of several images without having to compromise performance.

    Tim (@codelabnz)

  • A grid control would really be nice. And a locator map.

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