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What a week – we released our Windows Phone 7 Control suite last week and it’s been a huge success. We’re not a huge company like some of our competitors but I think we’ve done a great job in bringing high performance controls to market for thousands of developers around the world. We’ve had spectacular uptake of our free license at launch offer to the tune of over $250,000 USD of licenses given out — with still more to come, read on.

Welcome to the party Telerik

We were pretty pleased to be offering one of the first and most comprehensive suites of WP7 controls on the market when we released last week. Telerik have had their control suite in beta for some time and are launching it formally next week. We’re glad to see Telerik entering the WP7 control space – there’s certainly a growing developer community for the platform and I think we can both help that community.

We thought it would be useful for users to compare the two launch offers:

  Mindscape Telerik
Final version available yes Yes no No
Launch special price FREE $99 – once available
Updates FREE Pay $50 more
Number of controls 19 12
Release cycle Nightly builds Quarterly releases

I don’t know about you guys — some would even call me biased — but this looks like a bit of a no brainer to me! Sure, $99 is very cheap – for Telerik, but FREE has to be better!

You’ll also find our controls are designed for the phone from the ground up. Every control was crafted on the phone, our WP7 development team all use WP7 devices. You won’t find controls like a “Window” which smacks of bringing old school desktop thinking to a new platform. I don’t remember ever having a Window pop up on a smart device so why have it as a control? Build for the platform with Mindscape.

One more thing…

Nobody – and I mean nobody – in this industry beats Mindscape for rapid enhancements of products. Some vendors pay lip service to quarterly releases being “fast” but we all know that updates each quarter is a positively glacial speed for software updates.

New WP7 Control

In fact, in keeping with our rapid development speed, I’m happy to announce that we’ve already shipped another new control! That’s right, all Windows Phone 7 customers just received another control free and it’s already available through our wonderful nightly build system. That’s a new control about a week from the launch date!

We’ve added a WP7 Gauge control which brings the control count to 20 now! The gauge can be configured with custom start and end ranges, animate the pin through positions, customise the look and feel with ease and really bring your Windows Phone 7 applications to life.


If you would like a FREE Mindscape Phone Element license with all our other benefits, visit the page here.

Mindscape really whips the llama's ass

P.S. And if you can feel that $149 burning a hole in your pocket, then why not check out what else Mindscape has on offer :-)

7 Responses to “Experience the Mindscape difference for free and save $99”

  • There is a problem with the “Apply” button in the Phone Elements launch page…not doing anything

  • Ignore that last comment…all working now…probably my mistake:)

  • Thanks for the heads up David.

    I think it was actually our end – that page has been tuned up a little more now and shouldn’t be so slow now.


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  • What’s the renewal fee gonna be when the license expires next year? Haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the site.

  • Hi Stefan,

    Renewal is 50% of the buy new price (so 50% of $299) however it is completely optional. You are free to use the controls after that date and only need to extend if you want access to newer releases that are made after your subscription expired.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • It makes sense :) was just curious about the fee and it seems like a normal pricing model.

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