Nightly news, 8 April 2011

Ever wanted to be part of the Mindscape magic? Now’s your chance! We’re looking for a junior or intermediate designer to do awesome things to our Web site. In the meantime however we continue to present this week’s product fixes and enhancements in classic Purple-o-Vision…


  • Procedure queries now implicitly specify the procedure name as an aggregate, so you can load optional columns that exist only when querying through a stored procedure
  • DataAnnotationBuilder is now public allowing you to leverage it for ASP.NET MVC validation. SeanX has sample code here — thanks Sean!
  • Fix for using a ninja domain property of an associated entity in a query if the two tables in the traversal had a column name in common, and you were doing a count on that column, and the ninja property was part of a composite expression. Can’t imagine how we missed that one.
  • Fixed an error when ordering on a boolean property in LINQ
  • We’ve improved LINQ support for the conditional operator
  • You can now specify table hints such as NOLOCK (on SQL Server only at the moment)

Phone Elements

  • Fixed an issue with automatic tick mark spacing and category axes

WPF Elements

Silverlight Elements

  • Support for a chart having the same minimum and maximum, such as a bar chart with only one data point
  • Silverlight Elements charting now has the ChartAxis.LabelStep feature from Phone Elements
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the ChartAxis label level feature
  • We’ve also fixed a big in side-by-side stacked bars

As usual all these fixes and enhancements are in the current nightly builds and you can get the free editions from the downloads page or the retail editions from the store.

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