Nightly news, 27 May 2011

All that effort to polish off features, docs and everything last week, and not one of us was raptured. I thought Jen’s shiny new iMac would get taken for sure, but not even that. So back to work it was. Here’s the fruits of this week’s labours, available now in the nightly builds.

WPF Diagrams

  • Improvements to connection point validation styling
  • Fixed some quirks with the SelectedElementsChanged event in readonly-but-allow-selection mode
  • Allow the MoveThumb.Move event to bubble
  • Improvements to hit testing

WPF Elements

  • Fix for numeric text boxes in ‘constrain range on lost focus’ model performing a superfluous set of the bound property when losing focus and value hasn’t changed
  • Polar charts! Yay!


  • Added support for the String.Contains(char) extension method
  • Stored procedures that don’t return an Id now throw an exception if you try to use them to materialise entities
  • Fix for length validation custom error messages in the designer
  • Added SQL Server Compact 4 to command line tools

You know the drill: free editions from the downloads page, full editions from the store.

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