Nightly news, 22 July 2011

This week I have been mostly squirting cats. However, one does not live for pleasure alone. Here’s what we’ve shipped in this week’s builds. Available, as usual, from the downloads page (free editions) or the store (retail editions).


  • Added the option to create a blank migration if there are no changes to apply, and a command to clear all proposed deltas so you can code them by hand from scratch instead of modifying the designer generated ones
  • Fixed an error in Visual Studio if you try to run a migrations project which contains no migrations
  • Updated the SQLite provider to 1.0.74, and switched back to mixed mode assembly.
  • Fixed MySQL extractor to infer tinyint(1) as boolean. Again
  • Fixed a LINQ error with queries of the form Where(x => x.Assoc.Id…)
  • Changed how uniqueness validation works when the unique field is declared on a non-leaf class in a STI hierarchy

Web Workbench

We’ve made a number of fixes around spurious syntax errors on CSS selectors and the like. We know there are still a few more to go so please let us know if you still see spurious syntax errors!

We’ve made a couple of other fixes to do with processing of Sass and Less imports, and around outlining of Sass and Less files. We’ve also improved the presentation of Sass compiler error messages.

SimpleDB Management Tools

  • Fix for the list of domains being truncated if you had more than 100 domains

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