Nightly news, 12 August 2011

As excitement mounts for TechEd New Zealand, rumour hurtles round the office that JD has actually started work on his slide deck. Fortunately, cannier souls like myself have managed to blag ourselves talks where the only slide says “Let’s cut straight to the code,” so we have been able to bring you a bumper bag of fixes and enhancements in this week’s nightly builds.


  • Experimental support for partial loading of eager-loaded entities without having to specify aggregates on every potentially-lazy field
  • Unversioned partial updates — allowing you to optimise save times when entity-level integrity is not a concern
  • Removed obsolete restriction on MySQL date ranges
  • Added support for String.IsNullOrEmpty, type conversions and the conditional operator in LINQ projections
  • Fix for a cascade delete issue in class table inheritance
  • Fix for a cascade delete issue with new entities in a distributed unit of work
  • The LINQ Contains() operator now correctly handles empty sequences
  • Fixed an issue where a LINQ query would fail if, when filtering on an associated entity property, you added a redundant presence check
  • Added a more composable LINQ API for using views, for users who aren’t using the designer views functionality

WPF Diagrams

  • DiagramToolBoxGroup now supports ItemTemplate
  • Fixed an issue with the position of the focus visual when dragging a node from the toolbox
  • A* pathfinder performance enhancements

Web Workbench

  • A couple of fixes for mixin parameters and arguments
  • Fix for spurious error on certain nested pseudo-class selectors

Usual rules apply: free editions available now from the Downloads page, retail editions from the store.

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