Tech Ed NZ Wrap Up

Another year of Tech Ed New Zealand has come to and end which means we’re all back on board and cranking out some great products. This year unfortunately not all sessions were recorded so while that means we could say more embarrassing things it also means we don’t have the same selection of videos to share this year.

Mindscape was well represented this year – we delivered 6 sessions in total with Jeremy delivering an additional 2 at the following code camp in the weekend after. Overall I think the feedback was really good and, at last check, Ivan managed to score the highest rated session at Tech Ed this year (maybe one day Microsoft NZ will put him in the theatre so people can sit down, his sessions have been standing room only for a couple of years now! Hint hint).

Thankfully that session was recorded so if you’re ready to expand your mind and explore dynamic and meta programming with .NET 4 you can do so here:–tetofe

Thanks to everyone who came to our sessions, who won Mindscape prizes and those that came and drank with us! Nothing like talking about chaos theory, 4 dimensional hyper spheres, hypothetical Trask psychics all while drinking Sake. Good Times!

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