Nightly news, 2 September 2011

Two weeks of nightly updates to catch up on today, thanks to TechEd, so let’s get stuck in. Here’s what you’ll find in the latest hot builds.

WPF Diagrams

  • DiagramToolBox support for scroll bar visibility attached properties
  • Node tool drag sizing is now cancelled if the user doesn’t click on the diagram surface
  • You can now control the heuristic function used by the A* pathfinder
  • New sample: custom shapes
  • Added an IsDragResizeEnabled property for enabling or disabling drag-sizing when using a charged cursor to create new node


  • Fix for a spurious discriminator warning if a STI root class derived from another class using concrete table inheritance
  • We’ve relaxed the warnings for discriminators on abstract classes
  • Improved error if you set an entity to be its own direct parent. “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
  • If you drag from Server Explorer and you haven’t saved your password, we’ll now try to detect this and remind you
  • Fix for error in certain grouping queries with joins
  • Email validator now accepts the ‘+’ character in addresses
  • Improvements to find by identifier in DistributedUnitOfWork

Phone Elements

  • Support for styling alternate Y axes

WPF Elements

  • Fixed a property grid bug with keyboard navigation on expanded nodes

Web Workbench

  • Fixed a couple more cases where we were indicating syntax errors on correct CSS

Free editions of the nightly builds are on the downloads page, and full editions are in the store.

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