You’ve got the schema, now see the data

One wildly popular feature of the LightSpeed designer is that you can quickly and easily synchronise your model and your database schema — there’s no need to jump between two tools.

We’ve now supplemented this with an option to show and edit the table data for an entity right from within the designer. This makes it dead easy to, for example, check that entity data is persisting the way it’s meant to, or to set up data for a quick demo or test. (For demos or tests you want to repeat, of course, we recommend you write a SQL script or a utility program to set up the data you want.) Just right-click an entity and choose Show Data, and LightSpeed will take you straight to the Visual Studio table editor. Here you can view the data or edit it to your heart’s content!

A couple of caveats: this is currently supported only for SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite, and for non-SQL Server databases you’ll need to have the appropriate Visual Studio integration package installed (although LightSpeed includes the base database drivers, it doesn’t include their Server Explorer providers). Let us know if you’d like to see this for other databases. Also, you’ll need to have a connection to the database defined in Server Explorer, but fear not, model-first fans — LightSpeed will offer to create one if it doesn’t already exist.

Want to take it for a spin? Show Data is in the latest nightly build. If you’re a customer, you can download it from the store, otherwise you can get the free edition from the downloads page. Enjoy!

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