WPF Elements 5 Beta – Grab it and enter the Xbox draw!

WPF Elements 5 Beta, affectionately dubbed WPF Elements Data Grid Edition, is now ready for you to grab, kick around and provide feedback on!

What’s included?

This first drop includes the first cut of our WPF Data Grid control. We’ve worked hard on creating a high performance core experience and are looking for feedback on future features. We felt that many of the data grid products available try too hard to be all singing and all dancing when often you need a capable and customizable core. We believe we’ve achieved that with great performance. You should find all the capabilities you’d expect – customisable editors, column re-ordering, freezable columns, fast virtualized UI, etc. all wrapped up in an easy to use API.

We’re also working hard on giving all the themes a tidy up, improving existing controls and we may add some other controls before the final release.

Mindscape WPF Datagrid
What’s this Xbox thing you mentioned?

Xbox Kinect from Mindscape

Right, so we wanted to show that we appreciate your feedback. We recently have been playing with a Kinect in the office here and they’re a huge amount of fun so we thought it would be an appropriate prize to win. Here’s the way to enter:

  • 1. Download the beta
  • 2. Play with it, poke it, try to break it
  • 3. Post your feedback in the forum
  • 4. GOTO: 2 to get another chance to win!
  • 5. This is an unreachable step, a proper optimizer would have removed it.

We’ll draw the winner when we release WPF Elements 5 Final!

You can download the WPF Elements 5 Trial here (60 day trial), or existing WPF Elements Customers can obtain a licensed version from their account.

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