Nightly news, 16 September 2011

So, news of the week: Metro or data grid? Metro has slidey panels, but data grid has data in a grid. And data grid has an Metro or XBox+Kinect just waiting for a lucky winner. Take it for a spin, give us your feedback, and be in to win!

What else have we shipped this week? Here’s the list.


  • Added control over caching options to the designer
  • Fixed a bug where creation policies were applied to pasted entity links
  • SimpleDB option for FindById to return null if there are no attributes, instead of the synthetic entity cooked up by SimpleDB
  • Fix for LINQ to SQL import failing if the DBML file did not specify a database connection
  • Fix for to-many association defined on a soft deleted STI sibling having aliasing errors during a cascade delete
  • Fix for OrderBy on a nullable association dropping out rows where the association was null
  • Added a Remove overload to force hard deletion even of entities marked as soft delete

All these changes are in the current nightly build. You can get the free Express edition from the Downloads page or the full Professional edition from the store.

Web Workbench

We’ve shipped an update to Web Workbench focused mainly on improving CoffeeScript syntax highlighting. You can update this through the Visual Studio Extension Manager.

3 Responses to “Nightly news, 16 September 2011”

  • Just wondering; I have no idea how much work it would take to get the Web Workbench to work with VS2011 (the one that comes with Windows 8) or even if you want to spend time on that right now, but… I forgot where I was going.

    Anyway, the sooner we get a compatible version, the sooner we can use Sass in our Metro apps!

  • Hi Hawken,

    Wow, you’re quick off the mark — we’re still just getting VS11 installed!

    We’ll take a look at this and let you know, but we do have some higher priorities right now so unless we can’t make any promises!

  • Hawken,

    Just as a heads up, we do now have some basic support for VS 2011 in the Visual Studio Gallery. At present it requires that you have VS 2010 installed side by side, but we’re working on removing that limitation.

    Hope that helps.

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