Nightly news, 23 September 2011

So it looks like we may have to rename LightSpeed to NeutrinoSpeed. Because check out the latest nightly builds, that’s why.


  • We’ve turbocharged compiled queries. On most databases, compiled queries will now run with a speed close to FindBySql — we’ve almost completely eliminated the SQL generation overhead. We’ve also updated the FindById method to cache its query plan, resulting in a major speed boost for loading items with a known ID (and of course that’s on top of the L1 cache). We’ll write more about this in a future post.
  • Fix for an error when using String methods that translate to SQL LIKE as part of an explicit join to self

WPF Elements

  • Enhancements to series-level selection for line charts
  • Fix for displaying a DualSlider inside a DataTemplate

Nightly builds of free products are available on the Downloads page; for retail editions you can get them from the store.

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