Nightly news, 7 October 2011

Machine rebuild time here at Mindscape HQ, and very disappointed to learn that JD did not christen the rebuilt box “Mungo the Computational.” But he did go to the trouble of giving me a Steve Bell penguin for my user image, so all is forgiven. Fortunately, in between relaxing in front of the Windows 7 setup screen, we’ve also shipped a bunch of updates in the latest nightly builds. Here’s what’s new this week.


  • Some fixes around ordering across associations
  • Added support for calculation/aggregation operators over subqueries
  • Improvements to the LINQ Count() operator over projection subqueries
  • The designer defaults policy can now override the defaults for generating DataMember attributes on associations
  • Fix for associations not respecting DependentAttribute if the foreign key was a string
  • Fix for value objects in derived entities not being materialised if using FindBySql or a stored procedure, and the inheritance model was class table inheritance, and the query was through the base class

WPF Diagrams

  • Added hooks for customising marquee selection behaviour

WPF Elements

  • Automatic label step calculation for Y axes

Phone Elements

  • Landscape support for the palette colour picker

NHibernate Designer

  • Option to suppress association properties in generated code

Nightly builds of free products are available on the Downloads page; for retail editions you can get them from the store.

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