NHibernate Designer 2 is here!

NHibernate Visual Designer for Visual Studio

I’m very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the NHibernate Designer 2.0! This release represents a big set of improvements for existing users and a great experience for new users.

Key new features:

  • File per class generation option added
  • Setup wizard for creating a new model
  • Generate mappings with either inline XML or Fluent NHibernate
  • Configuration guidance wizard to integrate quicker with your project
  • Automatically add references to required NHibernate assemblies
  • Fully integrated schema migrations framework
  • View entity database tables directly within Visual Studio
  • Set up validation in the designer for NHibernate.Validator
  • Per project code generation templates

Along with all these great additions we’ve added a lot of polish to really boost the easy of use — we think you’ll be very pleased with the results. Read more about the NHibernate Designer 2 features here.

How to get it today

If you already have the NHibernate Designer installed in Visual Studio 2010, simply open the Extension Manager (Tools -> Extension Manager) and check for updates. The latest build will be there, install it and you’re away.

If you have not yet tried the NHibernate Designer then click here to install the latest version.

One more thing…

We’ve dropped the price for the launch of version 2.0. Down to a tight $99 USD per developer! Given the hours of time you’ll save it’s the perfect time to invest in your toolset!

Free Download Download the free edition

5 Responses to “NHibernate Designer 2 is here!”

  • Mindscape NHibernate Designer 2 Released…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout…

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  • Are there any plans for drag-and-drop design for Sprocs, Functions, and Views?

  • Hi Steve,

    It’s on the backlog — do you need it soon? We could have this added in the early new year if you require it.

  • Nah, no rush. We just recently purchased a few licenses of the designer (good stuff btw) and I noticed that it wasn’t a feature. If you can get it out in the next release that’d be cool, if not, I can wait. Thanks for the quick response.

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