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Just a quick post to announce that our support forums have been upgraded! The last bit of Community Server has been surgically cut out of our website and replaced with a speedy ASP.NET MVC based forum with only the features we need.

Here’s the run down on what’s new:

  • Posting now uses the Stack Overflow Markdown editor that many of you will be familiar with
  • New posts are done from a single tidy page – no more tabs!
  • Attaching items to posts is simple and fast. AJAX based with progress indication and support for drag and drop are included.
  • You can now attach multiple items to a post. No more mucking around with zip files just to post two files!
  • No paging on threads. Our threads rarely go to multiple pages which means users often didn’t notice there were more pages.
  • Searches can now be narrowed to just a specific forum
  • Built on top of LightSpeed so it’s insanely fast from a database querying point of view

We hope you find the new faster forums great to use.

There’s undoubtedly some things we’ve missed, and we’re keen to keep improving the support experience, so I’d love to hear your feedback on how you find them. The best place for feedback is probably on this forum thread in particular:

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4 Responses to “Forums upgraded”

  • Any day you get to remove the POS that is community server is a good day :)

  • Awesome! Great upgrade!

  • Any chance you guys would consider releasing the source for the forum software (not sure if/how the presence of LightSpeed would affect it)?

    There aren’t many (good) .NET OSS forum projects.

  • We would but at present it is missing:

    Any user administration (this is handled by our existing store management system)
    Login/logout/register as this is handled by our main CMS
    The usual polish to make it into a useable product for folks

    I will however keep it in mind for the future. It could potentially be a nice sample to include with LightSpeed at some stage as well.

    Appreciate the feedback though :-)

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