Nightly news, 18 November 2011

Great joy from our operations team this week as the last bit of Community Server is finally excised from our Web site and replaced with a LightSpeed-based support forum that’s faster, more capable and infinitely more maintainable. Check it out! But we’ve also shipped the usual crop of enhancements and fixes to our developer products. Here’s what’s new this week.


  • Added a class containing constants for all aggregate names in the model
  • Don’t show a ‘should be cached’ validation warning when associating to reference data across a linked model boundary
  • Fix for an issue with subqueries of projections involving soft deleted entities
  • Added some new field model information to the metadata API
  • Added interceptor support for command execution — this allows low-level diagnostics, retry strategies, etc.

WPF Elements

  • Added support for dynamically changing chart axes
  • Added alternate Y axis templating for custom axes
  • Added a ChartZoomed event
  • Fix for IsSelected property on non-joined-up data series (such as scatter graphs)

NHibernate Designer

  • Fix for XML mapping issue in Visual Basic
  • Use @-strings in Getting Started Fluent NHibernate code
  • Added some more validation on identity generator types

These updates are in the current nightly builds. You can get the free editions from the downloads page, and retail editions from the store. NHibernate Designer automatically updates itself from the Visual Studio Gallery.

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