Nightly news, 2 December 2011

We’ve said it before and hopefully we won’t have to say it again — we’ve been heads down this week putting the final polish on WPF Elements 5. That hasn’t stopped us making some nice improvements to Web Workbench and a few fixes to the rest of our products. Here’s what’s new in the latest builds.


  • Fix for error when doing a uniqueness validation on a field of a value object
  • Fix for issue with joined queries on soft-deleted entities
  • Fix for autocompiled FindById queries on SQLite with GUID identities
  • Fixed an issue where certain types of LINQ queries could be rejected even though they were actually translatable

WPF Elements

  • Fix for using the Esc key to cancel a zoom in progress on a chart

Web Workbench

  • Fix for highlighting errors with Sass interpolated variables
  • Fix for highlighting errors with nested multipart selectors consisting of a parent-pseudoclass followed by a subselector. Yes, you heard me
  • Several intellisense fixes and enhancements

All these updates are in the latest nightly builds. Free editions available from the downloads page, full editions from the store. Web Workbench updates through Visual Studio Extension Manager.

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