WPF Elements 5 Released!

This is big – by far our biggest release for any of our XAML products. We’ve been hard at work for months with WPF Elements 5 and received great feedback from our beta testers. Here’s some of the improvements that you’ll just love:

Data Grid control

WPF Elements 5 ships with a high performance data grid. Our focus in this release was entirely on getting amazing performance and providing the features that most users need. Try it yourself – you’ll be impressed with handling of millions of records without any slow down. Thanks to fancy virtualization, you’ll be surprised at how fluid working with your data can be in WPF Elements. For example, placing 1 million records in the grid happens in under half a second, and from then on scrolling is silky smooth.

Of course, a data grid is often only as good as the editors that you include. Mindscape was the first company in the world to deliver a WPF Property Grid over 4 years ago — we know data editing. We’ve made sure that you have all the custom editors and infrastructure needed to make sure that you provide an excellent editing experience. You’ll find everything else you would expect – customizable paging, re-orderable columns, column sorting, freezable columns and so much more.

Time Explorer control

This control, inspired by the Google Finance tracking UI, is a fantastic addition to any UI for reviewing data over a long time period. With the smarts to scale time frames and data you will never want to go back to just using date range pickers! Of course the inclusion of a background chart means your users can instantly find the places in time that are valuable to them.

Here’s a quick animation showing the Time Explorer control being used in conjunction with the super fast Data Grid to create an awesome experience for end users:

Time Explorer and Data Grid for WPF

Did you notice how the bottom and top rows of the Time Explorer automatically adjust to the range being displayed? Showing years, months, days all automatically.

Charting improvements

With WPF Elements 4 we added a high performance charting suite. With WPF Elements 5 we have baked in a huge number of enhancements to make sure you can show amazing charts easily. Improvements have been to made to performance, controlling chart layout, the ease of theming and much more.

New sample explorer

New to WPF Elements? We’ve shipped a sexy new sample explorer application to make it easy for you to evaluate the controls and features in one nice place, and to give you a central reference for examples for using the controls in your own applications. The sample explorer also provides code snippets – including the XAML and C# so that you can see how easy it is to build great WPF applications with WPF Elements 5.

These are just the highlights

Of course, this post just covers some of the new controls and charting improvements. WPF Elements 5 now includes more than 50 high performance controls and this release includes enhancements to almost every single one of them — far too many to list in just one blog post. After more than four years of continual investment and improvement you know you’re getting rock solid development components.

Grab it today!

Download the free 60 day trial and see for yourself how great WPF controls should be! The free edition includes several completely free controls and our gorgeous themes for the WPF standard controls, as well as trial editions of the remaining controls, and includes dedicated support from Mindscape for the duration of your trial to ensure you get the best out of WPF Elements!

Happy coding!

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