What’s been happening in the Web Workbench world

Since we shipped Web Workbench 2.0, we’ve continued to improve it, with new updates going out every week or two, and we thought it might be useful to let people know what’s available in the latest builds. Here’s a few highlights:


We’ve added collapsible outlining on nested selectors, and for Sass mixins and namespaces. This is particularly useful if you’ve got a complex set of rules with lots of nested selectors — now you can collapse individual subselectors to make it easier to navigate around the document.


Web Workbench now supports the Format Document command which you can use to quickly line up and indent your declarations. It’s tucked away rather, on the Edit > Advanced menu, but depending on your toolbar setup you may have it on your standard editing toolbar, or hit Ctrl+E, D. (Note: Format Document is a Pro edition feature.)


Web Workbench intellisense has in the past been a bit… er… aggressive. It just wants to help you so much… a bit too much at times. In the post-2.0 updates we’ve tackled this and intellisense is now much smarter about when to display, what to display and how to insert selections into your text. If you haven’t upgraded yet, do: you’ll find it a much smoother editing experience.

Updated compilers

We’ve updated the Less compiler to 1.1.5, and the CoffeeScript compiler to 1.2.0.

Performance improvements

By the metric truckload.

And we’re not done yet

Not by a mile. We’ve got some features already under way which should be out early in the new year, and if there’s anything else you want, pop into the forum and let us know. In the meantime, if you haven’t got the latest build, open up Extension Manager and check the Updates tab. And if you haven’t got Web Workbench at all, open up Extension Manager > Online Gallery, search for ‘Mindscape Web Workbench’ and stand by for Sass, Less and CoffeeScript-tastic joy!

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  • This is an awesome extension that i was holding off from using for a while because i wanted to be sure that you guys would be actively developing with the latest compilers. I’m glad you decided to offer a pro version and continue the rapid pace of improvement.

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