New Web Workbench features

We’ve just shipped another update to Web Workbench, our popular Visual Studio add-in for Sass, Less and CoffeeScript. Here’s what’s new in the latest version:

  • If you use a built-in Sass or Less function, such as the hsl function to express a colour in hue-saturation-value format, we’ll now show the coveted ‘blue squiggly’ if you supply an incorrect number of arguments, or if you use named arguments and get the names wrong, with a hover tip to show the correct syntax.
  • If you’ve got the Pro edition, we’ll also display popup signature help for built-in functions as you type.
  • Comment/uncomment support. You can now comment and uncomment blocks of code using the standard Visual Studio ‘comment/uncomment block’ commands. (Comment/uncomment is a Pro edition feature.)
  • And a number of fixes for bugs and glitches.

To get Web Workbench, choose Tools > Extension Manager, select Online Gallery and search for “Mindscape Web Workbench.” To update your existing copy, go into Extension Manager and check the Updates tab (and be patient, we think the update server must be running on SharePoint or something). Happy coding!

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