Nightly news, 20 January 2012

Cripes! Weeks and weeks of updates to catch up on! Here’s what’s new in the nightly builds since the last update.


  • Fix for one-to-one association join chain in LINQ Where clauses
  • Added support for negated boolean expressions in LINQ Any and All
  • Fixed a memory leak with compiled FindById queries
  • Validation errors now provide access to the validation rule instance
  • Include schema in auto-joined tables being joined by an identifier expression
  • Fixed automatic date-time range validation for Oracle
  • Improved support for SQL Server 2008 TIME data type
  • Fixed an issue where a query with criteria on the left and a logical combination on the right could be processed incorrectly
  • Fix for DeletedOn column being incorrectly aliased in update/delete queries
  • Added support for deleting by LINQ query
  • Added Procedure and Scale options to ProcedureParameter class
  • Fix for procedure parameters of user-defined types in designer being generated into wrapper function signatures as object instead of strongly typed
  • Fix for value objects not being handled correctly in batch updates
  • Fixed exception if you put DiscriminatorAttribute on a root entity class
  • We now raise an exception if a SQL Server stored procedure calls RAISERROR (sic: what is this, guys, Fortran?) after performing a successful SELECT (previously only errors raised before the SELECT would cause exceptions)
  • Added a property for migration code to access the connection string of the database being migrated
  • When a stored procedure sets an out parameter to SQL NULL, we now translate this to CLR null instead of leaving it as DBNull.Value (this fixes casting errors in strong-typed wrapper methods)
  • Fix for virtual (non-mapped) discriminators not being populated on insert
  • Entity- and interface-level query filtering (in progress and subject to change)

Web Workbench

  • Collapsing support for non-top-level regions
  • Sass and Less Format Document command
  • Fixed issue in Sass compilation if install path included non-ANSI characters
  • Fixed JavaScript minifier mangling non-ANSI characters
  • Upgraded CoffeeScript compiler to 1.2.0
  • CoffeeScript comment highlighting fixes
  • Comment/uncomment block support
  • Performance improvements when making many deletes from a document
  • Error checking and signature help for Sass and Less built-in functions

WPF Elements

  • Continuing improvements to control themes
  • Fixes for potential issues in TimeExplorer, Chart, ChartAxis and PieSeries
  • Added option for rounding on lost focus in NumericTextBox
  • Added ResetZoom command for charts
  • MajorTickSpacing now keeps consistent tick density as user zooms
  • Added PieSeries.SelectedDataPointChanged event
  • Improvements to automatic bar chart width calculation
  • Fixed error when changing chart highlight mode
  • Fixed an issue with horizontal bar charts using categories along the Y axis
  • Resolved a DataGrid issue
  • Fixed foreground colours not being respected in CurrencyTextBox
  • Fixed potential null reference error when changing DataGrid.ItemsSource
  • Fixed some issues with chart default axes

WPF Diagrams

  • Added TreeLayoutAlgorithm
  • Fixed null reference error in ConnectionPointThumb
  • Fixed a diagram binding issue
  • Fix for a bug that was stealing mouse wheel and scroll events
  • Added an option to turn off infinite scrolling

NHibernate Designer

  • Added support for NHibernate sql-insert, sql-update and sql-delete overrides
  • Added support for stored procedures and named SQL queries

SimpleDB Management Tools

  • No longer need to click away from a row to ensure it is saved

As usual you can get the latest nightly builds from the Downloads page (free editions) or the store (full editions).

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