Nightly news, 27 January 2012

The big news in this week’s nightly builds is the new hotness in the WPF Elements DataGrid. Grouping, exporting, new APIs and, well, grouping again because it’s so neat — check it out! Of course, we’ve got a bunch of other updates for you as well. Here’s what’s new this week.


  • Exclude null associations from polymorphic association validation
  • Fix for not being able to return array values from ICompiledParameterValues to populate an IN clause
  • Fix for LINQ projection that included the result of a Count on a join-into result when there was no Where clause
  • When updating a SQLite database with a GUID field, set COLLATE NOCASE on the column (because it is mapped as a string rather than a native GUID type)
  • Added support for per-table identity block size (for when new tables use KeyTable but the database also contains legacy tables which are also updated by other apps using increment-by-1 sequences)

WPF Diagrams

  • DiagramConnectionPointBase.OnPositionChanged is now exposed to user derived classes
  • Fixed a bug in the ConnectionPointRelocation sample

WPF Elements

  • DataGrid hotness!
  • Fixed a bug in TimeExplorer

As usual, you can get the updated builds of free versions from the downloads page, and of full versions from the store.

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