Nightly news, 10 February 2012

A short week here in New Zealand, but we’ve still shipped a bunch of updates. Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s nightly builds.


  • Added support for parameters of table type in SQL Server 2008 stored procedures
  • Designer fix for LONGTEXT columns in MySQL views
  • The designer no longer complains about foreign keys during database sync when you have a one-way association to a concrete table inheritance base class
  • Fix for an issue with multiple levels of eager loading when one of the intermediate associations is a one-way association inherited from a concrete table inheritance base class

WPF Elements

  • Fix for primitive numerical data support in chart control
  • Added PieChart.RadiusFactor property
  • Fixed hardcoding of pie chart label foreground
  • Fix for CurrencyTextBox not restoring the currency symbol if the user deletes it
  • Added a first cut of a PercentageTextBox control

WPF Diagrams

  • DiagramScrollViewer: we now raise the ViewPortChanged event when the physical diagram size changes, and we no longer raise it when the scroll bars don’t exist

Web Workbench

  • Fix for path.js error on series of Less imports

As always the free editions are available on the downloads page and you can get the full editions from the store.

2 Responses to “Nightly news, 10 February 2012”

  • I am really enjoying using the SASS aspect of your product.
    I’m hesitant to purchase the pro edition due to the following:

    1. Having edited the SASS style sheet (not saved) switching to another document within Visual studio causes a major delay (very painful)

    2. Saving takes a very long time

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re just putting the finishing touches on a pretty big re-architecture of the product that should address these issues as well as improve the product in general. The beta of these improvements should be out either later today or on Monday to existing customers (it really needs a beta test due to the fundamental changes we’ve had to make to get it working as smoothly as we want in in Visual Studio).

    We’re also currently looking at a very small price increase when we come out of beta. With that it mind + customers getting the beta soon it might be a good idea to grab a pro copy today so you get the improvements earlier + save a few dollars.

    I hope that helps and really appreciate your feedback!

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