Nightly news, 2 March 2012

A quick reminder that we’re sponsoring the Codemania conference at the end of the month. Tickets are running low so if you’re in New Zealand snap yours up quick!


  • You can now install the designer into the VS11 beta. And boy does it look colourful compared to the rest of that dreary thing
  • Fix for KeyTable error with TableAttribute
  • Added support for ScaffoldColumnAttribute to dynamic data
  • Entity.AfterLoad is now called only after eager loads have been put in place
  • Fix for table ordering
  • Enabled adding reference columns to SQLite in Update Database and migrations
  • Allow RemovalBehaviorAction.NoActionNoCheck on one-way associations

WPF Elements

  • Fixed a positioning bug with rotated axis labels
  • Fixed incorrect handling of the Background property in the vanilla SplitButton style
  • Improved handling of null and Double.NaN values in a line chart
  • Added a ChartAxis.RangeChanged event
  • Data point labels no longer get displayed if the data points are not in the viewport
  • Fixed an issue with building a ChartAxis in code
  • Fixed an issue with displaying minor tick marks
  • Fixed a visual glitch in Coverflow when reflections were turned off

Web Workbench

  • Fix for Format Document not being applied in @media blocks
  • Added support for specifying properties directly on a Sass namespace
  • Intellisense completion lists now include variables from imported files
  • You can now set up a Compass path to get rid of spurious ‘unknown mixin’ and ‘file not found’ squigglies on Compass imports
  • Fixed an issue where dependencies of a partial with an underscore prefix were not rebuilt if they imported the partial without the underscore
  • Fix for ‘bad file descriptor’ error with Sass @warn directive
  • We will now always create a .min.x file if minification is turned on, so that you don’t get the .min file removed from the project just because of an interim compilation error
  • Fix for the CoffeeScript minifier using the local decimal separator instead of invariant

Internal Systems

  • Scrubs no longer get no love from JD

Nightly builds of free editions are available from the downloads page, full editions from the store.

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