Super charging your data!

We all want super fast applications – the faster the better! We provide one of the fastest data access products for .NET developers so it made sense to write an article about achieving great results from an ORM. Rather than being on our blog here it’s been posted over on InfoQ.

Of course, the article is not LightSpeed specific, but LightSpeed may be the only ORM for .NET that supports all of the suggested ways of improving performance:

  • Lazy loading
  • Named aggregates
  • Batching (for all CRUD queries)
  • 1st level cache
  • 2nd level cache
  • Compiled queries

Enjoy the article, if you have any questions or feedback I’d love to see them in the comments. We know that ORMs don’t mean you need to sacrifice performance – quite the contrary, we think a well tuned ORM should be blazingly fast!

Read the article here on InfoQ

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