Nightly news, 16 March 2012

WPF Elements

  • Added DataSeries.IsShownInLegend property to allow series to be excluded from the legend
  • If a type is edited in the property grid through a type converter instead of a TypeEditor, the grid now shows subproperties if the type converter derives from ExpandableObjectConverter
  • Added support for IBindingList as a source for the DataGrid
  • Fixed a bug which made it difficult to display the SchedulerDialog when double-clicking an item
  • Added DataGridCellEditModeBehavior to specify how the user can cause a DataGrid cell to enter edit mode using the mouse
  • Added new RowAndCell data grid selection mode
  • Improvements to DataGrid keyboard navigation
  • Typing into a DataGrid cell now automatically puts it into edit mode


  • If a user is editing an entity which is soft-deletable and uses optimistic concurrency checking, and another user deletes it, and the first user then saves their changes, we now raise an OptimisticConcurrencyException
  • Fix for issue where if you queried on a property of an associated entity and that entity was soft-deleted and you were using a naming strategy to map the soft delete column name, it would give you a null reference exception. Bet you didn’t see that one coming
  • Fixed an issue with JSON.NET serialisation
  • Added support for database-side timestamps

NHibernate Designer

  • Added support for creating through tables in the database when the many-to-many association is of List kind

Web Workbench

  • Added support for specifying ‘co-imported’ files in order to include their variables in completion lists and suppress unwanted wigglies from their variables and mixins (use a specially formatted //* ww-expect "filename" comment)
  • Updated Less compiler to 1.3
  • Added Less, Sass and CoffeeScript file templates for Web Site pseudo-projects
  • Improved support for partials naming convention – if you create a file whose name begins with an underscore, it will now default to not compiling (you can turn it back on using the Web Workbench Settings screen)

Nightly builds of free editions are available from the downloads page, and of full editions from the store. Enjoy!

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