Nightly news, 23 March 2012

Well, it has been a bitterly disappointing week for beard-fondling photos on the Mindscape blog. Kyle is going to have to up his game. On the plus side, this has left us with time to ship a bunch of updates and fixes. Here’s what’s new in this week’s nightly builds.


  • The designer now defaults computed columns (and identity columns if they’re not the ID) to Load Only. This is currently implemented for SQL Server only — let us know if you’d like it for other databases. We also no longer infer validations on computed columns.
  • Fixed an error if you used an inheritance-based mocking framework to mock entities with associations
  • Fix for error updating database from designer after changing the maximum length of a string property on a concrete table inheritance base class

Silverlight Elements

  • New version of the RichTextEditor control. Better. Faster. Swooshier.

WPF Elements

  • Data grid performance improvements
  • Data grid hierarchical display
  • Fixed an issue with using a BindingList as a DataGrid items source
  • DataGrid now has a SelectedData property
  • Fix for DataGrid keyboard navigation in RowAndCell mode
  • DataGrid now has built-in support for user adding rows

Web Workbench

  • JavaScript and CSS ‘mash and minify’ support
  • Fix for not handling Less escaped (~) literals when they used single instead of double quotes
  • Fix for misaligned CoffeeScript comment highlighting if file contained Unix line breaks
  • Fixed handling of underscored in unquoted URLs. Unquoted URLs! Forsooth!
  • Solution Explorer icons! I can barely wait to see how this looks in Visual Wasteland Studio 11.

As ever, nightly builds of free editions are available from the downloads page, and of full editions from the store.

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