Lets give this place a lick of paint

Hi there interwebbers! My name is Kyle and I’m the latest addition to the Mindscape Team.

I’ve never had to write a blog post before so here goes!

About me:

I’m a Web Designer, (flash) Game Designer, Gamer, and a Motorcyclist! (best form of travel IMO).

Favorite PC Games: League of Legends all the way across the sky! , WoW(Pandas… seriously???), MW3, Crysis Wars.

Favorite TV Shows: Walking Dead, SGU, Terra Nova, Naruto.

If I wasn’t a web designer I’d be:  A Cosmologist because space is awesome.

Pet Hate:

<!--[if IE]-->
  <script type="self/destruct" src="MOAB.explo"></script>

I guess I’m a bit of a nerd, I studied for two years and learnt the web lingo, now I get to show off my skills in attempt to keep JD happy (as well as figure out what colours actually go well with purple?!)

Now back to work on my marquee text tag jQuery plugin…

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  • Pfft LoL…

    DoTA2 is way better.

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