Nightly news, 30 March 2012

Ivan is off moonlighting as a luchador today, so its my turn to provide the weekly update. Its mostly been a week of bug fixes and working toward getting WPF Elements 5.1 out the door with a bunch of performance improvements and new features. Meanwhile we continued to beaver away on all the other products of course :) Here’s what’s new in this week’s nightly builds.

JD's box only contained some grainy .gif files and a copy of some poker game


  • Fix for issue with eager loading when we have a STI hierarchy which has multiple branches where the eager load is on a separate branch to the derived type being worked on
  • Added support for expressing a HAVING clause within core querying engine, use the Group.Having property to apply this

NHibernate Designer

  • Fix for trying to apply a default to MySQL TEXT fields
  • Added support for foreign identity generator

WPF Elements

  • Fixes relating to NaN axis values on some charting controls
  • General performance improvements

Web Workbench

  • Added command line compiler tools for paid customers
  • Added combining for CoffeeScript

As ever, nightly builds of free editions are available from the downloads page, and of full editions from the store.

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