Nightly news, 6 April 2012

By the time you read this, we’ll be off enjoying the long weekend, so consider this a message from the dusty past about that great question of the day: what’s new in this week’s nightly builds.


  • If you’ve got an aggregate in a where clause on a grouping statement, we can now translate that to a HAVING clause on the SQL query
  • Fix for an issue where the same association is declared in multiple leaves of a STI hierarchy with different reverse associations
  • Clearer error message when a DiscriminatorAttribute has no Attribute value
  • Improved support for expressing properties of SQL Server 2008 spatial types in queries. We’ve also made some improvements around SqlDouble to Double conversion.
  • Fix for error when several threads raced to be the first to execute the same LINQ query, and the LINQ query involved a closure
  • Fixed an issue where a full text search could return an incorrect result if the text search returned a single hit, and that entity was already in the identity map, and there was a QueryExpression filter in addition to the full text search, and the entity in the identity map didn’t conform to the QueryExpression filter. I hope you’re paying attention to this, because there’ll be a quiz later.
  • Initial support for generic entity types, which allow you to use the same utility entity type (such as Permission or AuditRecord) in associations with multiple kinds of other entities
  • You can now specify a DisconnectedDisplayNamedStrategy on ValidationContext for use on entities which are not part of a unit of work

WPF Elements

  • DataGrid automatic column sizing and star sizing
  • Support for read-only columns when using a DataTable as the ItemsSource of a DataGrid
  • Added DataGrid.HighlightedItem property and associated change event and method
  • Added DataGrid.RowHeaderTemplate so you can control the appearance of row ‘headers’ (those little doodads at the left of each row. You know). You can use this for things like row numbering.
  • DataGridWrapper now has a property for retrieving the encapsulated DataTable
  • Fixed an issue with rendering of the DataGrid frozen column shadow
  • We now re-render charts when the Series collection changes
  • Added IsSliderVisible option to show sliders on chart axes for panning and zooming. You can also style the sliders using the (wait for it) SliderStyle property.

Web Workbench

  • Fix for Less compiler error is the file name or containing folder contained a single quote

NHibernate Designer

  • Added ‘formula’ option for entity properties computed in SQL
  • Added support for one-way associations
  • Added DataMember options for one-to-many associations

You know the drill — free editions from the Downloads page, full editions from the store. Enjoy!

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