April + Mega Pack + Half Price = Win

April 2012 Mega Pack Sale

What’s good about April? Four day weekend; chocolate in rabbit format (!?); and a massive sale at Mindscape!

To spice this month up a bit we’re doing 50% off the Mega Pack, normally priced at $999 USD, but until the end of April you can get it for just $499 USD.

Five reason’s why the Mega Pack is awesome:

  • You get all 9 amazing Mindscape developer tools worth thousands, at a great price
  • Included are 12 months of updates, new releases and nightly builds
  • Mindscape products are designed to save you time and improve your productivity
  • New products released for the duration of your subscription are added free of charge
  • It’ll help you be the best developer you can be
Even better, if you want to go for the source code, team licenses or site licenses too, these also receive the half price discount!

Note: This sale is now over



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