Nightly news, 13 April 2012


  • Added a per-query IncludeFiltered flag to turn off implicit filtering (similar to IncludeDeleted)
  • Added core support for SQL Server 2008 hierarchyid type
  • Fixed an issue with aliasing when issuing a composed query with paging on SQL Server
  • The designer now creates field name constants for special fields
  • Fix for implicit filters not being applied in join clauses

WPF Elements

  • Data grid star sizing improvements: support for a zero fill weight, new GridLength converter, fix for having to explicitly specify a weight
  • Fixed a bug in data grid column virtualisation
  • Improved pixel precision of MarkedStripeGrid
  • Added Orientation property to MarkedStripeGrid
  • Performance improvements for common charting data types

Silverlight Elements

  • You can now customise the list of fonts in the HTML editor toolbar
  • New properties on ScheduleFormatter for changing the content of most buttons
  • We’ve brought over some improvements from WPF Elements to facilitate building multi-schedulers in Silverlight

WPF Diagrams

  • Fix for editing node styles in Expression Blend

Web Workbench

  • Chirpy compatibility fix
  • Fix for Less syntax highlighting when specifying “…” as mixin arguments
  • Updated CoffeeScript compiler to 1.3.1
  • Added Iced CoffeeScript support

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