What’s new in Web Workbench 3.2

We’re pleased to announce a shiny new update to Web Workbench, our Visual Studio extension for Sass, Less and CoffeeScript. You can find it in your Visual Studio Extension Manager Updates tab right now. This is a big release for CoffeeScript fans so grab your favouried caffeinated beverage and let’s dive in!

CoffeeScript 1.3

Web Workbench 3.2 includes CoffeeScript 1.3, the latest update to the popular scripting language. CoffeeScript 1.3 includes a number of new safety checks — in particular it now enforces all JavaScript ‘strict mode’ early syntax errors at compile time. So if you can’t get imagine living without old-style octal literals, you’re in for a hard time. The rest of us can enjoy improved confidence in our code!

Find out more about CoffeeScript 1.3 here.

Iced CoffeeScript

Iced CoffeeScript adds two keywords to CoffeeScript, await and defer, to simplify asynchronous programming. Async programming is obviously immensely important in the Web environment where your page is likely to be communicating with network resources, and as C# programmers are learning, language support can make it so much easier! To use Iced CoffeeScript instead of normal CoffeeScript, go into Web Workbench Settings and check the “Use Iced CoffeeScript” checkbox.

Learn more about Iced CoffeeScript here.

CoffeeScript file combining

In the last update we added JavaScript and CSS file combining, and now we’ve brought that to CoffeeScript too! Go into Web Workbench Settings to choose the files you want to import, and we’ll do the rest!

And lots more

Also in this release are Chirpy compatibility fixes, several minor language fixes and command line compilers (separate download for Pro edition customers only).

Web Workbench 3.2 is available in the Visual Studio Gallery now. Check it out!

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  • Thank you for your great work on the Web Workbench. Now going to put some ice in the coffee…!

  • Hi, it looks great.

    But I don’t understand the “imports” option. If it means that I can merge several .coffee files into single .js file than it is nice. But IMO it would be better to store this information about scripts dependency in the scripts themselves. In similar fashion like RequireJs or Dojo framework implement it.

    Maybe some special comment in the header of .coffee file to notify the compiler about the dependency? Sometlike like this perhaps?
    #! Require(scriptName.coffee)

    I think it is better than to have the dependency configuration stored externally.

    Thanks a lot

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