Nightly news, 20 April 2012

If there’s one thing the weekly updates are about, it’s beards, and it looks like that laser-like focus is finally paying off. But if there’s a second thing, I guess it would have to be keeping customers informed about what’s new and improved in the current nightly builds. Here’s what we’ve been busy on this week.

WPF Elements

  • Big charting performance improvements. We’ll have more to say about this in a future post. Ho yes.
  • Fixed a chart zooming bug when using non-primitive numeric types
  • Fix for bug in .NET 4.0 TextBox when used in a numeric DataGrid column
  • Fixed potential crash if axis properties were updated in an unexpected order
    Added a Tag property to DataGridColumn
  • Added a DisplayMemberBinding property to DataGridColumn. This simplifies creating complex bindings for a column without needing to create a custom template.


  • You can now have multiple QueryFilterAttributes on a class, allowing you to build filters compositionally even in the absence of characterising interfaces.
  • Table names are no longer Pascalised if you have a design-time naming strategy and set UseClrNamingConventions to false
  • Added IOverrideClrConventions extension to IDesignTimeNamingStrategy to override default singularisation behaviour
  • Design-time assemblies with partial paths are now checked from the model directory as well as the current directory. This facilitates deployment of design-time assemblies via source control as part of the project.
  • Fix for error when performing a cast in LINQ Sum() or other aggregate operators but specifying the column in the Select()
  • Fixed projections into DateTime and nullable values when using query objects rather than LINQ

Web Workbench

  • Added option to default the “compile” setting to false
  • Added ‘stop on first error’ option for when a changed file has a lot of dependencies
  • Fixes for non-ANSI characters in Sass

Silverlight Elements

  • Added initial tab-indent support to HTML editor. Set CanHandleTabKey to enable this, and TabSize to customise the number of pixels that a tab indents by.

The latest nightlies are always available on the Downloads page (free editions) and in the Store (full editions).

2 Responses to “Nightly news, 20 April 2012”

  • Hi,

    I’m very interested in using the feature that you explain in the point “Added IOverrideClrConventions extension to IDesignTimeNamingStrategy to override default singularisation behaviour” but I’m not able to figure out what It does. Can you explain me more in detail what is this feature and in which context it is used?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Samuel,

    See for more info about IOverrideClrConventions and do chime in if you have further suggestions or use cases!

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