Nightly news, 27 April 2012

WPF Elements

  • Charting performance improvements
  • The Chart control now provides a FinishedPlotting event
  • Fixed a bug with displaying lots of data in a stacked chart
  • Added support for customising the scheduler recurrence dialogs
  • ScheduleFormatter now provides an option for customising the default name of newly created schedule items
  • Fixed a bug in the TimePicker control
  • You can now customise the background of individual cells, rows and columns of a DataGrid
  • The DataGrid no longer performs highlighting on mouse-over in RowAndCell mode, except when the mouse is over the row header
  • Added validation support to DataGrid DisplayMemberBinding
  • If you set the Value directly on a numeric text box, it now constrains the value to the permitted range instead of throwing an exception


  • Fix for error during database update if a design-time assembly could not be found
  • Fix for error in SaveChanges under heavy load
  • Improvements to grouping support: better support for functions and traversals in grouping keys
  • Change to allow non-nullable GUID, DateTime and blob columns to be added to existing SQLite tables

Web Workbench

  • Added an option to show generated files when choosing files to merge during minification

NHibernate Designer

  • Added support for table per subclass inheritance
  • Added support for creating MySQL MEDIUMTEXT and LONGTEXT columns

All these features and fixes are in the current nightly builds — free editions from the Downloads page, full editions from the store.

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