What’s new in NHibernate Designer 2.1?

We’re pleased to announce the release of NHibernate Designer 2.1, an update to our popular visual design and mapping tool for the well-known open-source object-relational mapper.

Version 2.1 rolls up a number of fixes that we’ve made over the last six months, and includes some great new features as well:

  • Table per subclass inheritance
  • One-way associations
  • Drag views and stored procedures onto the designer
  • Mark up the generated entities with WCF data contract attributes
  • More control over property visibility
  • Support for the sql-insert, sql-update and sql-delete overrides
  • Formula properties
  • Support for named SQL queries
  • Composite foreign keys
  • Improved support for creating through tables for many-to-many associations
  • Support for the hated, but sometimes necessary, foreign identity generator

The NHibernate Designer is FREE for up to 10 entity classes and you can upgrade to the unlimited edition for just $99. Or act quick and get it as part of our MegaPack Sale — 50% off until the end of April!

To install or update the NHibernate Designer go into Visual Studio Extension Manager, choose the Online Gallery tab and search for “Mindscape NHibernate Designer.” Or download it here!

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