Nightly news, 4 May 2012


  • Updated SQLite provider to 1.0.80
  • Fix for cascade delete across a STI hierarchy where the cascade enters the hierarchy in a derived class and we were trying to proceed through an association declared in a sibling class

Web Workbench

  • Added JSHint support
  • Fixed syntax highlighting for identifiers starting with an underscore
  • Fixed incorrect ‘less than or equal to’ operator in Less mixin guards
  • Added highlighting support for inline data URLs
  • Fixed highlighting when using a comparison expression was used as a function argument
  • Fixed highlighting of interpolated variables in URLs
  • Fixed highlighting when a function call contained arguments that were spaced lists, and a nonfinal element of such a list was another function call
  • Switched Sass compiler from IronRuby to ‘proper’ Ruby

WPF Diagrams

  • Fixed a bug with connection point positions in a rotated nested node
  • Added sample of removing a groupable node from its parent

WPF Elements

  • Fixed a couple of issues when changing DataGrid.ItemsSource from null to a collection instance
  • Fixed a hit testing issue with DataGrid cells
  • Fixed an issue when a DataGrid contains a mix of star-sizing and absolute-sizing columns
  • DataGrid DisplayMemberBinding now supports UpdateSourceTrigger of LostFocus
  • Fixed a validation bug in DisplayMemberBinding
  • Fixed the TrackingElement sample to support duplicate values
  • Fixed an error if a chart XBinding or YBinding was set to a nonexistent property

Silverlight Elements

  • First drop of spell checking for the HTML rich text editor
  • Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right in the HTML editor now respect symbols
  • Fixed a bug in ContextMenu where if it was forced closed due to the browser window being resized, it would never open again

All these updates are in the current nightly builds — free editions from the downloads page, full editions from the store.

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