Mindscape video: Sh*t Developers DON’T Say

That’s right, the Mindscape staff have indeed ventured into the realm of acting and film making. But don’t worry, we haven’t quit our day jobs! Somebody has to keep up that legendary support that you all love right?

Over the last few weeks though (in between working on new releases) we put together a bit of a film. Ok, so it’s more of a one minute clip, but the fame may have gone to our heads a little! It’s just a little bit of fun that we thought we could share.

And so we  proudly present, “Sh*t Developers DON’T Say” featuring real life Mindscape staff. In costume (true story).  We thought up some phrases that you will typically NEVER hear a developer say but if you think we’ve missed anything, go ahead and add it in the comments!

Enjoy, and we hope you’re as entertained as we were making it…

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3 Responses to “Mindscape video: Sh*t Developers DON’T Say”

  • Funny. Thanks for sharing.

  • So all these times JD replied with “oh we will get to that in a few weeks, we are SO busy at the moment” were cover for “we are SO busy joking around, in cosplay, and making short films”?

    (I loled at work watching the video)

  • “And I propose that we build this with PHP”
    “How about we use sharepoint?”


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