Web Workbench Sass Performance Update

If you’re a Web Workbench user and work with Sass you’ll be pleased with the recent update through the Visual Studio Gallery. We’ve made the decision to migrate away from IronRuby for the Ruby runtime used for running the Sass compiler and this has added a significant speed boost for those of you working with Sass files.

There is one minor breaking change in this release. Where previously you could pass in arguments to the Sass compiler in the file with this hash syntax:

//* scss-compile-options: :style => :compressed

You now need to use this format:

//* scss-compile-options: --style compressed

This is due to changes in the way that we need to run the Sass compiler. Fortunately it’s a quick change to make if you’re using these arguments in your Sass files and you’ll get the benefit of significantly faster compilation times!

Not using the Web Workbench yet? Grab the free edition from the Visual Studio Gallery!

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