Nightly news, 15 Jun 2012

WPF Elements

  • Fixed an issue with typing small numbers starting with “.0” in the numeric text box controls
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the axis arrangement code
  • Fixed a visual bug when rendering a stacked bar chart with only 1 data point
  • Fixed a bug in the generic PercentageTextBox style
  • Fixed a bug in the FocusChangedBehavior feature of the numeric text box
  • Minor perf improvements for charting

Silverlight Elements

  • The RichTextEditor now includes text formatting when copying and pasting text within the editor

Web Workbench

  • Misc perf improvements when dealing with larger files/large includes to improve reponsiveness of syntax highlighting and intellisense
  • Support general sibling syntax for selectors
  • Support comma’s at the end of a selector name including in conjunction with combinators
  • Save combined non-minified js as .combined.js alongside minified version (pro)


  • Fix for CTI where dependent chains could be ordered before the parent when using EnableCandidateFixes ordering

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

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