Get Windows 8 Metro Elements for as little as $1 – crazy, but true!

Metro Elements For Windows 8

To kick off the launch of the Metro Elements beta, we’re running an exciting pre-purchase deal. If you act quickly, you could get your hands on the full commercial license for as little as $1! The final release price will be $799 – so you should take advantage of this chance to get the best deal possible!

But you’ve got to act fast!

If you’re the first one to click this link and snap up the opportunity to get the entire suite for just $1, that means the second person can purchase the suite for $2 and so on. The price increases by a dollar every time a pre-purchase is bought! 

Need convincing? Remember, time is ticking…

Time is of the essence, so here’s a speedy top 5 reasons why you should pre-purchase the Metro Elements, pronto:

  1. The final release will be priced at $799  – you’re literally saving hundreds!
  2. The best controls in the business are already ready to go in the current beta – think of the amazing Windows 8 apps you’ll be building!
  3. You get 12 months of updates and nightly builds – plus the legendary support Mindscape is known for
  4. Only apps built with WinRT can be used in the Windows 8 app store – so if you want a head start, you’ll need a kick ass component library!
  5. If you don’t want to get started on your Windows 8 apps right now that’s fine, there’ll be a a full control suite waiting for you when you’re ready

Beat the masses and be the first – don’t miss on this massive discount!

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  • […] Get Windows 8 Metro Elements for as little as $1 … crazy, but true! – The Team over at Mindscape are trying out an interesting pricing model for their latest controls library, allowing people to purchase it for a really low price, but with every purchase increasing the price by $1. The current asking price is $75, and the RRP is $799, so its quite a deal at the moment. […]

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