Metro Elements Weekly Update 4

One of the controls we added last week to Metro Elements was the CoverFlow control. This week we have continued to work on this control by making it more flexible, easier to customize and added more features. The CoverFlow control displays a collection of items that the user can slide through using touch and mouse gestures. Each item can be templated and display any content from simple pieces of data to arrangements of several visual elements. The CoverFlow uses virtualization meaning it can handle even the largest collections of item. The layout of the items is very flexible as you can specify a PathGeometry for the items to follow and define functions to customize the scale, spacing, rotation and opacity of each item. Here are some initial screen shots of what’s possible:

CoverFlow displaying pages of information:


Curvaceous path:

Curvaceous Path

Rotated items:

Rotated Items

As well as minor bug fixes and improvements to other controls, another useful update is the MonthCalendar.DayOfMonthTemplateSelector property. This lets you customize the look of days displayed in the MonthCalendar control. One way of utilizing this feature is to display data on each day like in the example here:

Month Calendar

Stay tuned for next weeks update as we roll out more features and controls!

Thanks again to everyone who has been providing us with feedback and requesting features. If you have any questions about our Metro Elements controls, head on over to the forum. Or if you have any requests, let us know in the think tank.

Until next time, get the latest beta update now!

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