Compass for Visual Studio with Web Workbench!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just released a big update to our hugely popular Web Workbench Visual Studio extension.

Compass for Visual Studio

Why is this awesome for web developers?

  • Compass can automatically handle image spriting for you.
  • Compass includes many more Sass functions than provided by the default Sass compiler.
  • Zero setup needed by you, the developer – one click install of the Mindscape Web Workbench!

One click, get it all!

The Mindscape Web Workbench is available from the Visual Studio Gallery. It includes support for Sass, Less, CoffeeScript, Iced CoffeeScript – both compilation and syntax highlighting. The single VSIX works with both Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.

Compass support is included for free in the Web Workbench and is available immediately. Don’t forget to rate us on the Gallery also!

What do you want to see next? Tell us here or vote!

3 Responses to “Compass for Visual Studio with Web Workbench!”

  • I only have a word for this: Wow!! Seriously! Compass. Wow!!

  • I’ve just tried using Web Workbench and keep getting an error saying it can’t find Compass. Is there an extra step required to install Compass other than the right click context menu item?

  • No, you should have a right click context menu option for setting up the Compass project on your project and that will then call out to set up a Compass project.

    Are you able to post some details on the forum about the error you are seeing? Also is does your project directory or user contain any unicode characters in the path?


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