Seattle GiveCamp – coding for charity

You may, or may not be familiar with the notion of a GiveCamp, but you can get the general gist from the name alone – it’s about tech enthusiasts giving up their time to help charities with the tricky software stuff that is essential to the running of their organisation.

Seattle GiveCamp in particular is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations. The 3rd annual Seattle GiveCamp will be held on Oct 19-21 this year at the Microsoft Commons, Redmond, Washington.

Now, what do you get if you chuck a bunch of developers together, coding day and night for three straight days? A pretty huge pizza and caffeine requirement for one thing! So Mindscape have jumped on board as a food sponsor for Seattle GiveCamp, so that the volunteers can focus on their code – and not their stomachs. We’re also donating Mindscape Mega Packs as spot prizes for a bit of fun – it’s the least we can do for such a great cause.

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